Non-invasive personalized neuromodulation therapy
for Atrial Fibrillation

Atrial Fibrillation

35 million

People worldwide


Risk of STROKE


Failure with Cardioversion & Ablation

Unlike Other Wearables We deliver Therapy

Unlike Other Wearables We deliver Therapy

A new approach in atrial fibrillation care to reduce episodes and symptoms by non-invasive electrical neuromodulation applied at the wrist.

A digital Neuromodulation wearable for people with atrial fibrillation with closed loop monitoring and machine learning algorithms. Aimed at reducing AF burden, symptoms and recurrence CardiaCare is a simple to use home-care system.

How does it work?

The CardiaCare relief cycle utilizes remote cardiac monitoring, health cloud software analysis and neuromodulation therapy resulting in reduced arrhythmia

Closed loop therapy and Monitoring

Optical and electrical (ECG) sensors acquire personal data that is transferred by a phone app to a proprietary cloud server. Machine learning algorithms generate personalized neuromodulation therapy.

Median-Vagus modulation (mVNS)

Neuromodulation of the Median and ulnar nerves of the wrist reaches the brain and balances sympathetic and Vagal nerve control over heart rate and rhythm.

Immediate arrhythmia relief

The therapy augments central nervous system balance, reduces precursors of AF like premature atrial contractions (PAC's) resulting in fast clinical and symptomatic relief.

Reduction of AF recurrence rates

Atrial Fibrillation recurrence rates after cardioversion or spontaneous conversion to sinus rhythm are markedly increased by CardiaCare.

Poor response to standard AF care is common and leads to increased episodes of recurrence, hospitalizations and procedures. Human data from CardiaCare labs shows that users experienced less and shorter episodes, reduction of AF related symptoms and increased quality of life.
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Health Cloud

The CardiaCare Health Cloud is a large atrial fibrillation patient specific database. With more than 250 Million cardiovascular data points acquired from arrhythmia patients our unique technology uses machine learning algorithms to generate patient specific neuromodulation therapy. Human data combined with scientific research is translated to optimized care.
Weathering the Atrial Fibrillation Storm


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