The world's first home-care therapy delivery and real time monitoring system for people with atrial fibrillation.

Closed loop 24/7 monitoring and preventive therapy

On-going monitoring system for detection and prediction of arrythmia events with cloud based sensor data analysis and personalized algorithms for therapeutic relief.

Clinical Data

Acute Reduction of PAC’s & Long-tern Reduction in AF recurrence Rates - An 8 week Home-Care Treatment & Monitoring Study*
Long term AF recurrence reduction in an 8 week study
Compared to Hospital & Literature Control CardiaCare reduces long term expected AF recurrence rates after cardioversion from 38% to 20%.
Acute PAC reduction in individual patients
CardiaCare reduces PAC’s (Premature Atrial Complexes- a well established AF precursor) by 35%-100% during 30 minutes of neuromodulation sessions. Shown are individual patients PAC’s in 2 min ECG before Vs. after treatments.
Mean group PAC reduction before Vs. after therapy
A significant mean group acute PAC reduction of 58% observed in treated patients
*Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology, 2022 Feb Read More

Creating reassurance of well-being

A seamless device-phone-cloud experience that allows patients and health-care providers remote optimization of care.


A new Gold Standard of AI based Atrial Fibrillation therapy

CardiaCare is developing medical grade AI for predicting and preventing AF episodes

Utilizing our health cloud of more than 250 Million cardiovascular data points acquired from our arrhythmia patients.

Based on convolutional neural networks (CNN) to handle complex multiple patterns of whole ECG's

Personalized neuromodulation therapy will be delivered according to multiple inputs ranging from heart rate variations to ECG analysis to lifestyle factors.

The CardiaCare engine will recognize individual differences between patients. Personal Atrial Fibrillation triggers as well as individual variations over time will be considered for each patient

Cardia Care

Ease and simplicity of use
Atrial Fibrillation recurrence rates after cardioversion or spontaneous conversion to sinus rhythm are markedly increased by CardiaCare.
Poor response to standard AF care is common and leads to increased episodes of recurrence, hospitalizations and procedures. Human data from CardiaCare labs shows that users experienced less and shorter episodes, reduction of AF related symptoms and increased quality of life.